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California-based games developer inXile entertainment helped shape the modern landscape for how great roleplaying games should be made. Since the release of its premier title in 2004, The Bard’s Tale, discerning gamers have been flocking to inXile for action-packed gameplay and engaging stories. In an effort to ensure its successful Wasteland franchise retained its global appeal and accessibility, inXile began working with TransPerfect Gaming in 2020 to localize its most recent hit, Wasteland 3.

Expanding the Universe

With so much lore and content already existing in the Wasteland universe, along with their own extensive experience in open-world RPGs, TransPerfect Gaming’s localization teams were quickly able to familiarize themselves with the right tone and feel when launching into Wasteland 3. Easily incorporating inXile’s already established style bibles, terminology, and previously localized content, TransPerfect Gaming translated the latest franchise installment into French, German, Spanish, Polish, and Russian, effectively securing a simultaneous, multilingual worldwide release for the hotly anticipated title.

Successful Collaborations

The quality of TransPerfect Gaming's work became clear to the inXile team early in the project. This led to inXile seeking to widen the scope of the collaboration to include Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds, a team-based multiplayer shooter for Oculus Rift. Within days, TransPerfect Gaming successfully managed to upscale its teams to run both projects simultaneously, allowing inXile to release both Wasteland 3 and Frostpoint within three days of each other in August 2020.

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