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What players hear while playing a game is nearly as important as the what they see. Whether it’s character voices or background sound effects, a game’s audio can immerse players in the world, helping them feel like they’re part of it.

Audio and Voice Production:
Amplify Your Characters and Sounds

Our audio services team provides voiceover, dubbing, mixing, and sound effects from one of our more than 100 state-of-the-art recording studios worldwide. With a vast network of professional voice talents in over 200 languages, we’ll create the necessary vocals and sounds to bring your game to life.

We can capture recordings in a variety of ways anywhere around the globe. Whether in-studio or remote, our award-winning cloud-based recording management system, StudioNEXT, brings stakeholders, voice talents, and expert staff together for high-quality voiceover and dubbing projects.




Voiceover provides a more narrative style of audio, which can be mixed with an original soundtrack or music. Find the perfect voice from our global network of 2,500+ voice talents who can record audio in more than 200 languages.


Dubbing involves replacing voice dialogue in a different language. The dialogue has to be timed as closely as possible to the lip movements of the character to make the experience as realistic as possible. 


Sound Effects (SFX)

From leaves crunching underfoot to battle-ready music, sound effects help immerse gamers in the environment. The right sound effects promote realism and evoke emotions to enhance the gaming experience.



Audio accessibility services include features like closed captioning, audio descriptions, and adjustable sound settings. These features make games inclusive for people with various audio needs. Learn more about accessibility.


Our Stats

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106 Recording Studios Globally
47 Mixing Stages
2,500+ Voice Talents Available in Over 200 Languages


OliveX, the creators of Zombies, Run!, a world-renowned augmented audio running game, wanted to expand their game to an international audience and needed a partner who could capture and adapt the energy and humor of the original stories through casting, voice recording, and app UI string localization into Spanish, Korean, French, and Japanese. We supported the first season with over 23 missions in four languages by casting 37 characters and providing over 580 minutes of audio recordings per language to help expand the Zombies, Run! craze to new markets.