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With 400 million gamers living with disabilities, adding accessibility functions can expand your audience and increase gamer involvement. Creating games for people with all abilities is an important aspect of the video game industry. Don’t let your game or your gamers get left behind.

Accessible Games: Ensure Inclusivity for All Gamers

At TransPerfect Gaming, we provide a wide range of game accessibility services, including subtitles, captions, sign language, and more. If you’re not sure where to start, our experts can help guide your game and offer a holistic consultative approach, enabling your game offerings to include improved modes, settings, game assists, and more. To ensure that your game will be a hit with gamers, we test against specific guidelines and perform persona testing. Include all gamers by improving playability for all needs.



Audio Accessibility

We review games for audio accessibility features and propose ways of incorporating options for players who are hard of hearing (HOH) or deaf. Options include subtitles, live and offline closed captioning, visual cues, alternative audio feedback, and more.  


Visual Accessibility 

We craft game settings that include multiple colorblind modes, zoom and visual acuity levels, and alternate play modes. These settings allow players with diverse vision challenges to fully immerse themselves in the game.   


Live & Offline Closed Captioning 

Live and offline closed captioning make video game content accessible to gamers who are hard of hearing (HOH) or deaf. With live subtitles for live events and captions during gaming, closed captioning makes gamers part of the game.    


Sign Language

Incorporating sign language within a game’s subtitles or closed captioning significantly enhances game accessibility and inclusivity. For the hard of hearing (HOH) or deaf, sign language (ASL) in games provides a more supportive and connected community.  


Game Assist 

We help implement game assist features and alternate play modes that allow gamers to enjoy the game at their skill level, leveraging their unique abilities. The options encompass a range of features, including difficulty modes, pathing help, automatic combat, alternate control schemes, and snap-to-objective navigation assistance.    


Why TransPerfect Gaming

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Our team will quickly become a part of yours to focus on any project. Our mission is to closely communicate and support your game's success.

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We don’t just translate content, we live it. With a global team, we're equipped to work around the clock on projects, ensuring cultural accuracy.

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Our team can manage projects of any size and scope. From comprehensive compliance testing to creative concept art, we align with your goals and budget.

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Their ability to scale with our demand and maintain their quality standards has allowed us to provide a top-quality experience to users around the world. For localization and LQA needs, TransPerfect Gaming is a clear leader in the industry.

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