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It’s almost impossible to hide from software bugs, oversights, or imperfections during game development. The inherent complexity of games, technical innovation, and creativity means that sooner or later, bugs will surface. At TransPerfect Gaming, identifying and fixing issues early is paramount to keeping your players happy and engaged. Our passionate QA specialists are dedicated to ensuring that the games we test are as bug-free as possible. From functional and localization QA to certification and more, our QA team will be hard at work to ensure that your game meets your internal and industry quality standards.

QA & Testing Video Games

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Our decades of experience have allowed us to establish an approach that aligns and scales with a wide range of personnel and internal operational structures. We have 14 testing locations that are capable of providing automated testing to improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency.



Functional QA (FQA)

Functionality QA testing is designed to remove stress from game developers by putting game titles into the hands of seasoned, professional game testers. We’ll provide detailed bug reports and valuable feedback to achieve seamless and bug-free gameplay while incorporating non-functional testing for a top-tier gaming experience.

We’ve seen and done it all, from small indie games to huge AAA titles. Our teams of testers are passionate about video games. They’ll meticulously uncover issues and imperfections within your game, since we know just where to look for those small bugs and glitches. 



Our QA testers seamlessly integrate into your studio and organization to directly support your code and content teams and act as area specialists to detect bugs early in the development process. Onsite testing provides your team members with immediate feedback, collaboration, and real-time problem solving. 



Releasing on a console for the first time and not sure how to tackle it? We’ve got you covered! We’ve have a 99% first-pass rate on all leading consoles from the last five years.

We partner with every major hardware manufacturer, so our specialist compliance team will guide you through the requirements to help your product launch successfully. We’ll review the game's design and technical specifications and put them to the test against the platform holder’s checklists. 


Play Testing

Our global play testing network is prepared to provide feedback and help enhance your game's playability, fun factor, and audience appeal. We’ll collaborate to identify test objectives and target audiences to include a diverse group of players that reflect the game's intended audience. Testers will assess playability, entertainment value, balance, story flow, and user experience, Testers will assess and provide feedback on gameplay, entertainment value, balance, story flow, graphics, audio, and UI/UX. After the analysis, we’ll provide comprehensive, actionable reports for your development and design teams.

We can also arrange for focus groups to do play testing, where we bring players together to play the game and provide feedback in real time. 


Localization QA (LQA)

A qualified team of native-speaking linguistic testers who are passionate for gaming will examine the linguistic elements of the game, including translated text, VO audio, artistic elements, contextual inconsistencies, and more. The team will ensure that the localized game is consistent with the original version and is free of issues that may arise due to incorrect or inappropriate translations or cultural nuances that may be lost or misunderstood.

At the end of the process, your global player base can enjoy a game that is context-appropriate for their locale and adheres to local customs, laws, and market regulations. 



To make sure that video games are inclusive, enjoyable, and playable for all, we analyze game intricacies to identify barriers for gamers with different abilities. By following comprehensive tests selected to address different abilities, our team of seasoned accessibility experts examine every aspect of accessibility features, such as in-game color palettes and contrasts, legibility of fonts and subtitle sizes, synchronization of closed captions, audio volumes and balance, input and button remapping, intuitive UI navigation and on-screen narrator, and more. 

Our goal is to ensure that your game is accessible for all people with disabilities and to improve the overall game usability. Learn more about accessibility

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Our team will quickly become a part of yours to focus on any project. Our mission is to closely communicate and support your game's success.

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We don’t just translate content, we live it. With a global team, we're equipped to work around the clock on projects, ensuring cultural accuracy.

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Our team can manage projects of any size and scope. From comprehensive compliance testing to creative concept art, we align with your goals and budget.


TransPerfect Gaming’s ability to scale with our demand and maintain their quality standards has allowed us to provide a top-quality experience to users around the world. For localization and LQA needs, TransPerfect Gaming is a clear leader in the industry.

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