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One of Blizzard Entertainment’s biggest localization obstacles to maintaining authenticity across all regions is keeping up with the increased cadence of game content. With such a high attention to detail comes a lot of changes to implement. By utilizing TransPerfect’s platform, they are able to continually localize their content quickly in order to meet deadlines.

TransPerfect Gaming efficiently adapted to the tone and style of inXile Entertainment's Wasteland 3, ensuring a seamless multilingual release in French, German, Spanish, Polish, and Russian. By swiftly incorporating established style guidelines and previously localized content, the localization teams facilitated a synchronized global launch for the highly anticipated game.

After an initial call, TransPerfect Gaming swiftly identified Nanobit’s requirements and established a dedicated task force. Offering 24/7 support and community management, TransPerfect Gaming ensured project success within a few weeks, showcasing its efficiency and commitment.

TransPerfect Gaming's partnership with Netmarble has flourished due to their commitment to linguistic and cultural excellence. Trusted by Netmarble's teams, TransPerfect Gaming has played a pivotal role in successful titles, such as Lineage 2: Revolution, Marvel Future Fight, KOONGYA Draw Party, Blade & Soul Revolution, Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie, and Iron Throne, solidifying its integral position in the collaboration.

Nimble Giant sought collaboration with TransPerfect Gaming to generate and sustain interest in their upcoming first-person shooter game. Eager to secure an effective partner, Nimble Giant aimed to leverage TransPerfect Gaming's expertise in spreading awareness and promoting the anticipated release, ensuring the game's success through strategic marketing and communication efforts.

OliveX needed a thoughtful character localization partner who could capture and adapt the energy and humor of the original stories through casting, voice recording, and app UI string localization into Spanish, Korean, French, and Japanese.

TransPerfect Gaming provided Outright Games with a tailored solution using Discord to enhance communication with ambassadors, ensuring they stay well-informed about beloved games. This optimized platform also facilitated a feedback loop, enabling Outright Games to gather valuable insights for game improvement and foster a more engaging gaming community.

Prisms, a digital education company focusing on math proficiency as it relates to engagement and attrition in STEM, created a VR learning software for spatial reasoning and improving core STEM skills. To achieve the goals of the project, Prisms needed 33 unique voiceover modules, which contained hundreds of short audio clips, within six days’ turnaround time.

TransPerfect Gaming's success collaborating with Team17 on titles like Aven Colony, Planet Alpha, Worms, Sheltered, My Time at Portia, and the popular Overcooked, has established TransPerfect Gaming as a trusted language partner. This partnership extended across a diverse range of titles, showcasing the effective collaboration between the two entities in the gaming industry.

Tilting Point and TransPerfect Gaming's collaboration has proven highly successful, with positive feedback from players on TransPerfect's localized content. This achievement has resulted in Tilting Point choosing TransPerfect Gaming to localize, LQA test, and support players on various projects, highlighting the trust and satisfaction fostered between the companies. 

Tripwire Interactive, a renowned gaming developer and publisher, enlisted TransPerfect Gaming to enhance its presence and reach in Europe and Asia. Recognized for creating popular gaming content, Tripwire aimed to leverage TransPerfect's expertise to broaden its impact and appeal to a broader audience in these regions.

Xbox selected TransPerfect as its partner for a project, citing TransPerfect's integrated technology and services as well as its capabilities in promoting accessibility and inclusion across more than 30 languages. The collaboration aims to enhance the overall user experience and ensure a more inclusive gaming environment for a diverse, global audience.