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The most successful games are available to their players globally and in multiple languages. At TransPerfect Gaming, we combine deep industry expertise with specialized services and advanced technology to ensure that your games connect with your players wherever they are and in any language they like.

Game Localization: Supercharge Your Game’s Success by Going Global

77% of gamers want to game in their language

Let players around the world enjoy your game in their language by localizing it. Localization involves much more than just translating words—in the world of video games, localization requires a thorough understanding of how video games work; a game’s content, style, and tone; and cultural idiosyncrasies and identities.

Video game localizers may need to adapt a storyline for specific audiences so it aligns with the local culture and is more relatable to the player. Our experts work with your developers to ensure that any adjustments in the localized version align with the original vision and essence of the game. 

We provide game localization services in more than 200 languages and process 10 billion words annually for our clients, including game developers ranging from upstart labels to market leaders. With an unmatched network of gaming-wiz linguists, we’re the leading provider of human- and AI-based game translation and localization services for developers and distributors.  



Text Translations

Our gaming wizards transcend linguistic boundaries when translating all facets of game content, from dialogue to character names to in-game lore. Translated by gamers for gamers in over 200 languages.

Creative Writing & Transcreation

Since the context of a story can change when localized, our team of creative writers helps develop new or alternative copy to share your intended story with the world. Appeal to all cultures with translations that preserve your game’s original intent, emotion, and tone.

AI-Powered Neural Machine Translation

We deploy advanced AI engines to mimic a game’s translation style and terminology, resulting in more efficient and consistent translations. Our linguists review the work, and the machine translation engine improves the results based on their feedback.

Editing & Proofreading

Our expert editors review translations to make sure they fit the characters’ styles and are contextually correct and linguistically appropriate. 
QA & Testing

QA & Testing

Our linguistic quality assurance (LQA) testers validate that the game is culturally sensitive, linguistically accurate, and functionally correct to ensure that global gamers have a flawless experience. Learn more about LQA testing.

Why TransPerfect Gaming

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Our team will quickly become a part of yours to focus on any project. Our mission is to closely communicate and support your game's success.

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We don’t just translate content, we live it. With a global team, we're equipped to work around the clock on projects, ensuring cultural accuracy.

Global Presence

Our team can manage projects of any size and scope. From comprehensive compliance testing to creative concept art, we align with your goals and budget.

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TransPerfect Gaming has always been very professional, efficient, flexible, and great to work with. Our games are full of branching narratives and deep role-playing elements, which can be challenging to localize.