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Argentinian game developer and publisher Nimble Giant Entertainment is the living embodiment of what the combination of true passion and creative expertise can achieve in the gaming industry. The hard-working team at Nimble Giant has been bringing a wide range of fast-paced, dynamic, and exciting games to eager players worldwide since 2011, including fan favorites like Quantum League, Hellbound, and Drone Strike Force, and classics like Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars, Champions of Regnum, and Bunch of Heroes. Nimble Giant reached out to TransPerfect Gaming in 2020 to help build and maintain momentum for its then-upcoming release Quantum League. The company wanted to find the right partner to help spread the word about its exciting new first-person shooter game to hungry gaming communities and keep the buzz around the game leading up to its release and beyond.

Start Spreading the News

TransPerfect Gaming's expert community management teams helped Nimble Giant and Quantum League reach and expand the audience online by participating in community forums where players existed and building entirely new platforms where they didn’t. This ensured players had a place to share their excitement and thoughts on the new release, and the Nimble Giant team had a thriving base to share all their news and developments. Most notably, the TransPerfect Gaming team built an incredibly active and self-sustaining community on Discord. Here, players still meet to discuss the game, and members of Nimble Giant engage with them to discuss how to improve, build on, and carry Quantum League into the future.

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