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OliveX wanted to bring Zombies, Run!, its world-renowned audio story that combines augmented reality with fitness, to an international audience. To do this, OliveX needed a thoughtful character localization partner who could capture and adapt the energy and humor of the original stories through casting, voice recording, and app UI string localization into Spanish, Korean, French, and Japanese.

The first season included over 500 missions involving zombie chases and has attracted more than 10 million players. To execute the international launch strategy for Zombies, Run!, OliveX chose TransPerfect due to its technology and service versatility and its ability to record each language using cloud-based management more quickly. This hybrid approach made it possible to record with preferred talent both inside and outside the studio.

In addition, TransPerfect used a cloud-based translation management system to localize both mobile and web app UI. With the successful completion of season one, TransPerfect and OliveX look forward to the localization of future seasons.






Minutes of audio recorded per language

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