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The Challenge

Outright Games, a global leader in video game publishing known for titles such as Jumanji, Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure, and Paw Patrol: On A Roll, was looking to partner with a professional gaming service provider who could support their community management initiatives. Outright Games desired a Discord to improve engagement with its ambassadors and stakeholders.

The Solution

TransPerfect Gaming offered Outright Games an optimized and integrated solution through Discord to help keep their ambassadors more informed and develop a feedback loop help with game improvements. TransPerfect Gaming created a secure server for Outright Games and developed channels for all 28 studio games in all 25 countries where they offered their games.

The Result

After creating the customized and secure community platform, Outright Games could see the results of their engagement almost immediately; their channels grew their followers by 150%, exceeding their original expectations for the project. Outright Games and TransPerfect Gaming continue to build a positive and engaging community management hub for current and future projects.


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