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Recapping Tokyo Game Show 2023


In the first year after the relaxation of pandemic restrictions, I had the privilege of representing TransPerfect Gaming at the Tokyo Game Show 2023. This grand event showcased new game releases, previews, and player demos by major gaming companies in the APAC region. As a prominent platform for business collaboration within the gaming industry, TransPerfect Gaming had the opportunity to engage in profound business discussions with representatives from renowned companies such as Sony Interactive Entertainment, Square Enix, Koei Tecmo, Konami, Sega, and more.

Business Exchanges:

As a representative of TransPerfect Gaming, I eagerly looked forward to engaging in face-to-face business negotiations and exchanges with top gaming company representatives. The Tokyo Game Show allowed us to explore collaboration prospects and discuss industry trends with representatives from prominent Japanese gaming companies.

In-Depth Business Conversations with Industry Giants:

During the exhibition, we shared insights into our respective companies' latest projects and visions while exploring collaboration opportunities in various domains such as game localization, QA testing, voice acting, customer support, community management, and artwork. These exchanges provided us with a clearer understanding of the future developments in the gaming industry and laid the foundation for establishing long-term partnerships with these industry giants.

Technological Innovations and Collaboration Opportunities:

The Tokyo Game Show served as a platform for business negotiations and a showcase for cutting-edge gaming technology innovations. We had the privilege of visiting numerous booths and learning about the latest gaming technologies and solutions. These innovations presented our company with additional collaboration opportunities with game developers and publishers, enabling us to collectively drive the development of game localization, globalization, and marketing.

Industry Insights and Experience Sharing:

Through interactions with industry peers, we gained invaluable industry insights and experiences. Engaging with industry experts and professionals deepened our understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the gaming industry, including discussions on AI applications, experiences, and prospects, as well as enhancing localization quality and efficiency. These insights will enable us to better provide customized language and technological solutions to our gaming clients, meeting their needs in the global market.


The Tokyo Game Show 2023 left a profound impression on us. As a representative of TransPerfect, engaging in in-depth business discussions with representatives of prominent companies opened up new possibilities for our company's collaborations and growth. We feel honored to have firsthand experience of the innovation and passion within the gaming industry. We look forward to future collaborations with industry peers in Asia and beyond, collectively driving the development of the gaming industry and delivering even more thrilling gaming experiences to players worldwide!

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